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Professor Heriberto Lopez

Owner and Head Instructor

Heriberto Lopez, our Academy Owner and Head Instructor is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Professor Tony Passos.  He has over 16 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training experience. He is also a combat veteran with four combat tours and over 20 years of active duty in the US Army, as a US Army Paratrooper and Logistics Manager. While serving in the Army, he was also a Modern Army Combatives Instructor.

His Jiu-Jitsu journey has provided him the opportunity to share the mats with some of the best instructors and practitioners all over the world. Due to the nature of the military lifestyle and military assignment requirements, he had to change Jiu-Jitsu schools and/or affiliation every couple of years, but he still kept training and creating his own path on his Jiu-Jitsu journey. Some of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors throughout his journey are; Prof. Ted Stickle, Prof. Eric Burdo, Prof. Mike Crawford, Prof. Klint Radwani, Prof. Jeff Vigil, Prof. John Frankl, Prof. Kris Kim and now he is a member of “Team Passos”, under Prof. Tony Passos.

Heriberto, was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he graduated from college with a BBA, majoring in Accounting from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. He also completed his Masters in Aeronautical Science with dual specializations in Management and Safety Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Some of his accomplishments in Jiu-Jitsu competition are:


2009 - Army Post-Combatives Champion / Team Coach   Gold

2011 – SouthWest Grapplefest                                               Bronze                                                     2012 – SouthWest Grapplefest                                              Silver (GI) / Bronze (NO GI)

2013 – UGF Arizona State Championships         Silver (GI) /Gold absolute (GI) / Silver (NOGI)    

2013 – SouthWest Grapplefest                                              Bronze (Gi)

2013 – Gracie Barra Inter-School Tournament                    Silver (Gi)    

2013 – Jiu-Jitsu Asso. of Korea (JJAK)                                Bronze (Gi)         

2013 – Seoul, Korea International Open                               Bronze (Gi) / Silver absolute (Gi)

2013 – De La Riva BJJ Cup, Seoul, South Korea                Bronze (GI) / Silver absolute (Gi)

2014 – IBJJF American Nationals                                         Bronze (Gi) / Silver (NO GI)

2015 – Arizona International Open                                        Gold (Gi)

2016 – Arizona International Open                                        Bronze (Gi)

2017 – IBJJF Washington DC Open                                      Silver (Gi)                          

Tony Passos Portrait for Bio.jpg

Professor Tony Passos
Team Passos Affiliation Head Instructor

While his love for competition is strong, Tony’s true passion lies in teaching and coaching. He has dedicated himself to the arts of teaching and coaching since early on his career, focusing on the development of his students on and off the mat. He works closely with all of his students in setting goals, developing personal training plans, competition strategies, scheduling, as well as approaching BJJ from a holistic point of view.

Whether you are seeking a professional career in the sport, are a weekend warrior, or are simply looking to try a new hobby, Tony strives to work with you to ensure that your goals and desires are met by his teaching and coaching, and pushes you to maximize your potential. Tony has won and medaled in many prestigious competitions such as:

  • IBJJF Chicago Open 2013

  • IBJJF Chicago Open 2012

  • IBJJF Pan American Championships 2011

  • Abu Dhabi Pro 2010

  • IBJJF Pan American Championships 2010

  • IBJJF Houston Open 2010

  • IBJJF US National Championships 2009

  • BJJF Miami Open 2009

Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Instructor Professor Tony Passos is one of a few Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts under Ricardo De La Riva.

He shares this distinction with such greats as Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, and Moacir “Boca” Oliveira.

He is currently an IBJJF Certified Fourth Degree Black Belt. Tony started training Jiu-Jitsu at 18 years old in Recife, Brazil. Since that time he has trained with and learned from world champions such as Andre Galvao, Guto Campos, Claudio Calasans and many others.

Chuck Berry photo_edited_edited_edited_e

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry, is currently an Instructor at 804 Jiu-Jitsu. Chuck has over 15 years of grappling experience including 8 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Chuck is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Professor Kelly Grissom. He started his BJJ journey while still on active duty and earned his blue, purple, brown and black belts from Professor Kelly Grissom, a Leo Dalla Black Belt.  After training in Stafford, VA for the first 7 years of his BJJ journey, Chuck joined the 804 Jiu-Jitsu and the Team Passos family after relocating to Richmond for work related reasons.

Chuck is a retired Marine with over 21 years on active duty who serving in several billets to include attack helicopter pilot, defense experiment portfolio manager, operational planner and forward air controller.  He grew up in southern New Jersey, is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and holds two Master’s degrees in military studies.

Tony Garr Photo.jpg

Tony Garr

Tony started his martial arts journey during his High School years at Matoaca High School, were he wrestled for four years.  After High School, he transitioned into Mixed Martial Arts at MMA Institute, were he also first experienced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was awarded his Blue Belt by Professor Rick McCoy.  Tony ended his MMA career with a record of 2 Wins and 1 Loss.  After being away from training for several years, he decided to start training Jiu-Jitsu again and currently he is one of 804 Jiu-Jitsu Instructors. Tony Garr received his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Professor Heriberto Lopez.  He currently works for the Virginia DOC as a Truck Driver and teaches the morning BJJ classes at 804 Jiu-Jitsu.  He also assists coaching our competitors during BJJ tournaments.

Nick Schweitzer _ Purple Belt.jpg

Nicholas "Nick" Schweitzer
Instructor / Academy Manager

Nick was born in Dayton, Ohio, but he moved with his family to Richmond, VA when he was 7 years old.  He began his Martial Arts journey while he was in 9th grade, where he wrestled for Midlothian High School as a Freshman and Sophomore.  After Graduating from High School, he attended John Tyler Community College, where he received an Associates of Science Degree.

While attending college his interests for martial arts and being an MMA fan motivated him to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After a Google search and one trial class at “804 Jiu-Jitsu” he was hooked.

Nick is currently working as an Instructor of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 804 BJJ.  He was awarded his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Prof. Heriberto Lopez on May 2023.

Some of his accomplishments in Jiu-Jitsu competition where he has successfully medaled and reached the podium are:

-  IBJJF Atlanta Open: Bronze (Gi) 2023

- Grappling Industries (Virginia Beach) February 2021

- Grappling Industries (Virginia Beach) April 2021

- FUJI BJJ (Virginia Beach) August 2021 

- American Grappling Federation (Virginia Beach) October 2021


Robert DuPont
Wrestling Instructor

Robert started his grappling career in 2005 while he was a student in the 3rd grade. He wrestled competitively throughout middle school and high school at Benedictine College Preparatory, winning two individual state titles, three state team titles,  and gaining All-American status placing at the national tournament. Additionally, Robert competed and won at the Division 1 level at the Virginia Military Institute. After wrestling, Robert started training BJJ in the fall of 2019 at VMI’s BJJ Club and competed at his first BJJ tournament with them. Robert continued his Jiu-Jitsu Journey at 804 Jiu-Jitsu, joining the team in the Spring of 2020.

Currently, Robert is a 804 Jiu-Jitsu Wrestling Coach and has been teaching wrestling and sharing his grappling and takedown techniques to integrate with BJJ.  Robert received his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Professor Heriberto Lopez in 2023.

Robert has medaled at every tournament he has competed with the team since joining 804 Jiu-Jitsu. He also assists in coaching our competitors and besides teaching wrestling techniques, he has also become a great Jiu-Jitsu coach

Faith Harry _ Blue Belt.jpg

Faith Harry
Coach (Kids Program)

Faith, was born in Midlothian, Virginia. She started her Jiu-Jitsu journey in December of 2020. Some of her goals are to become fluent in speaking Spanish and Portuguese and to become a Black Belt World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and to complete her Four-Year College Degree. 


Some of her competition achievements are:

- 2023 IBJJF Atlanta Open: Gold (Adults Gi)

- 2023 IBJJF Austin Winter Open: Gold (Gi)

- 2023 AGF, Doswell: Gold (Adults Gi) / Gold Juvenile (GI) / Gold Juvenile (NOGI)

- 2022 COPA Virginia: Gold (Adult Gi) / Silver (Juvenile Gi)
- 2022 IBJJF Charlotte Open: Gold (NOGI) / Silver (Absolute) / Bronze (GI)
- Grappling Industries VA Beach April 2021 Gi Division- GOLD / NOGI - GOLD
- FUJI BJJ Championship Midlothian VA August 2021 Gi Division - SILVER

- American Grappling Federation October 2021 Gi Division – GOLD / NOGI – SILVER /

- Challenger Open Gi Division – GOLD / Challenger Open NOGI Division - GOLD

- Grappling Industries VA Beach October 2021 Gi Division - GOLD

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